Meditation and Mood Tracking

Hey guys! For those of you who audibly UGH at the thought of meditation, I have something to share. I AGREE! Or at least I used to…

The slow, “calm,” breathing… the “in through your nose, out through your mouth,” and all of the talk about connecting your soul with mother earth! I can’t EVEN. Literally. I scoff at the idea of meditation. AND YET, I do it. Let me tell you why.

After starting therapy with a counselor, I was soon advised to take up meditation. At first, I laughed. But then I had a thought. If literally everyone I know, and their mom, swears by meditation… then maybe JUST MAYBE I should give it a shot.

I started by downloading a few apps, Headspace and Youper being my favorites, and then jumped in with both feet. I began my meditation rituals at night and I must say I saw an immediate difference in my sleep. I would fall asleep WHILE listening to the guided meditations! It was a freaking miracle!

Once I realized this was something I would continue to try, I began messing around in the apps, Youper in particular. This app starts out by testing you for things like anxiety, multiple personality, depression, and so on. Then, they track your moods daily and give you suggested exercises or meditations based on your current mood. Being bipolar, I find it very interesting to see how my moods change, and this app allows you to look at your history. The app also asks you to track the reasons WHY your mood has changed. For me, this was always related to stress because of school or being down with feelings of loneliness. Being aware of these triggers actually started helping me to change my perspectives and therefor my mood.

I did test going a few nights without meditating and quickly noticed the negative impact it had on my sleep and the following day’s mood.

I still laugh at meditation, but now it is because I was so hard headed in not trying it sooner. I’m not going to say I am having soul changing outer body experiences or anything of the sort. But, I AM sleeping better and my moods have been better in the process.

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