And so it begins…

thebipolarvegan started as a “secret” Instagram page I created, away from my friends and family, to freely express myself without the fear of judgement. What did I post about? Being bipolar … and being vegan! I started mainly with pictures of my meals, afraid to jump right in with a mental health perspective. But, as I gained more followers and began following others with similar interests, I became braver and would post mental health recovery quotes or even share a little about my own journey. I found myself constantly searching Pinterest for more content and even bought myself a nice camera. This wasn’t fulfilling enough, though. I needed something more. I needed a place to write my thoughts, share my stories, and be completely truthful to those going through the same thing. Instagram, while I do enjoy it, is a bit more manufactured than what I want to show/accomplish. I want people to know that I get it, they belong, and we can grow together. This blog will showcase my journey of healing and dealing with Bipolar II disorder while also improving my life through veganism. And boy am I ready.

This is ME!